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Mission Statement

The Pro Sportsman Association is a non-profit organization formed to build the value and ‘brand’ of Top Alcohol racing. We are an organization primarily funded by the membership dues of racers, racing businesses and fans who have a vested interest in seeing Top Alcohol racing reach the proverbial ‘next level.’ We plan to reach our objectives through the hiring of a dedicated PR and Marketing team. Our objective is to increase the support, participation and profitability of NHRA Lucas Oil Top Alcohol racing. We intend to specifically target increased media exposure in both local and national markets. By building our value to both the tracks and NHRA, we hope to not only maintain but increase the number of events that feature our classes as front gate draws. By building the awareness of our classes through media and other promotions, we hope to build our fan following in the long term. We also hope our efforts lead to more new teams entering the Top Alcohol classes. The PSA will not get involved in performance based rules issues. We do not intend to become our own racing series aside from NHRA. The scope of the organization is to be a promotional tool for the Top Alcohol classes, not a mediation board between NHRA and the racers.